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A brief tour around our manufacturing facilities reveals the diversity of products which we manufacture,  from high volume automation to small volume complex components.

Such a range of clients chooses PAN Technologies Ltd  because we provide consistently high levels of excellence at every stage of the production process. We always aim to deliver on time and to budget and we maintain these standards year in and year out.


PAN Technologies Ltd comprises a range of modern plastic moulding machines with capacities from 80 to 650 tonnes, continual investment in the very best plant and people has ensured that we offer levels of quality and service that are second to none.

We firmly believe in establishing long term partnerships with all our customers, no matter how large or small, and are constantly harnessing the latest production developments in Injection Moulding and full automation and efficiency. Our growth has exceeded expectations, this year we increased our capacity to 18 injection moulding machines by adding another new Sumitomo Demag Systec machine. This will enable us to meet increasing demand from new and existing customers. Making sure we stand by our commitment to always deliver on time, achieving excellent customer satisfaction, and in turn, providing more efficient production due to the state of the art Injection moulding machines, saving our customers time and money. 

The Company

flexible solutions for

                ​your injection moulding needs

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