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PAN Technologies Ltd incorporates a technical range of computer controlled precision Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines operating NC4 and the new NC5 software, which in turn are served by automatic material feed systems, in-line granulation systems and high speed pick and place robotics and conveyor systems for fully automated production. We have recently incorporated Gravimetric Dosing units to enable very consistent high quality products being produced.

The products we produce often require close dimentional tolerances ensuring exact specifications. Producing parts by utilising automation has been an aim of PAN Technologies, our continual investment in latest ancillary equipment makes this ever much more possible even with the most technical of parts. By achieving this, we can utilise the optimum productivity and offer very competitive prices to our customers, resulting in a faster turn around of parts to meet the customers requirements.

We have outstanding experience working with a wide range of materials due to our vast market sectors. Offering advice and technical knowledge in not just Injection Moulding, but with Tooling and Product Design, Production, and Testing and Assembly processes if required.​

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​Efficiency is key to success...

                   The complete service provider   

Our dedication at PAN Technologies is to always provide consistent high standards together with high quality, cost effective products which are Quality Assured and delivered to our customers on time. This is met by the continual investment in up to date machinery and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Our commitment to Sumitomo Demag Injection Moulding Machines enables continuity through the machine range and product repeatability, assuring the parts are moulded to the exact specifications agreed with the customers from the initial pass off approval, reducing cost and waste. Our customers' can feel confident that the products they receive are of highest quality and are packaged to their individual requirements.   


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